About ESNG

As an interest group comprised of the largest European Social Networks, representing more than 160 million users, we are committed to fair competition for all Social Media Networks with special regard to data protection, user privacy and other individual rights of citizens. We believe in data protection and user privacy as core assets of our services.

We are actors in a global environment and in order to enjoy the same competitive opportunities as our competitors, we endorse global standards, or harmonization, of legal frameworks that apply to all Social Networks regardless of their origin.

We need clear rules and regulation that are easily applicable to all Social Networks that cater to citizens or companies in the European Union – for the good of both the industry and the consumer.

We are in favor of working towards a strengthened self-regulatory system, which is an effective mechanism for keeping legislation industry-neutral and allows protection to evolve at the same rate as technology.

We believe that the Social Networking industry in Europe will be better able to provide cutting edge technologies to European citizens and compete in the international marketplace with a modern approach to regulation of Social Networks, and a more efficient innovation process in Europe.

You can download general information about ESNG here (PDF, 7 pages): General Information

Our Logo and other graphics are available here (ZIP containing JPG / PNG): Graphics